Wednesday, March 28


1. Sitting on the heat of summer with friends (I want more)
2. Going to a concert , or a Festival
3. Watching BIG Football or Basketball wedstrijd
4. Do at least one crazy idea !!!
5. Reallllyyyy enjoying my meivakantie
6 .................................................................... (I need Idea)

Please help me for done my to-do list :)

Saturday, March 24

LENTE en De Hongerspelen

Hoi jongens !
"Het is lekker warm"
"Kom op , het is toch een lekker weer !! tijd voor buitengaan"

You right  the weather are getting better now ! 16 , 17 grades , but still the wind is a little bit cold here , yeah the minimum temperature of an airco in indonesia is 16 celcius guys.
Everybody is going to the outdoor cafe , me and my friends are eating our lunch while enjoying the sun , once I went to de appie with Lotte to get some ices , and last thursday
I think , me and some friends were enjoying the sun un prinsentuin , it's a park a little park but half of them is not yet green at all , so we were lying down on the green part , yea me , Ilja , Jannick , Saraab and Ruben .
It's a first time for me that I really really almost fall a sleep in a grass !
And this is the first time for me that I really really enjoying the sun !
Be grateful Indonesian people , you have to many sun's shine.

Just watched , The Hunger Games today with Bam , zo'n een leuke film.
I am not reading the book yet , but it has an interesting background , when the writer , Suzanne Collins are changing the tv channel , one channel is a competition on reality show and the other is about invasion in Iraq . And she mixed it a little bit with a Greeks mythology.
And now I decided to read the 2nd book .
So this is it , the first spring that I've ever taste, hopelijk  het is meer vrolijker met de bloemetjes overal :)

Be My Spring ,

Wednesday, March 21

Uitzendingnacht Radio 538 is on My School !!!

So here it is last week , on Thursday night (no actually it's friday morning) on our school we have Radio 538 together with WarChild do fundraising in our school , well we have already collect some  money before with selling cupcakes , sell an arm band and some other activities .

Armbandjes!! (Photo Credit to Ritva Kirst)

It's so fun , because there is something that I can't do if I'm in Indonesia , throwing cake , whipped creams , and splashing some water with syrup to TEACHERS :D
Well it's an activity arranged by my friends. It's okay with the teacher because you have to buy cake, and whipped creams and water (with syrup ) to my friends , and the money will go to WarChild .

In the night me and some of my friends had a dinner in Pizzeria , and then we went to grote markt waiting until 12.00 night when our school is open again :B
Saraab, Ik , Sarah , Hazal , Sharka , en Devi 

Well it was a cold night so Me , Sharka and Devi went to a cafe to get some hot chocolate , and waiting voor Marieke and Marlene
aaaaaand it is 12.00 we go inside and radio 538 was changed our kantine into our disco and first thing that I did is Flashmob :) Yeah we did some flash mob and we performed in grote markt on Friday 5 in the afternoon   !! The Flashmob was so easy in compared to my dance class -.- hahaha
Roos , Judith , Sarah , Danique, Erin , en ik 
and next Marloes Painted 538 logo on my cheek :3
Marieke , Marthe , Sharka , Devi , en ik

And until it's 6 oclock I can not sleep , I really can't until in Friday night I slep without dinner because I was exhausted , after school , flashmob , street dance class, and watch 538 in de grote markt , until I missed my train , and walking to house :3 But it was a lovely night <3 Thank you my friends and school

Hello Everyone !!
Long time not open my blog , mm
Everytime I write always after the holiday , well I dont have any other time, but maybe in the weekend am gonna try write something in here.
Well, A couple days ago in here there was Voorjaarsvakantie , maybe a little strange but it is in the beginning of a new year , when you can see flowers and trees are getting their colours back ! yes it is Spring!!
Today I can see back the sun shining , am so happy !!
In this vacation I was visiting Madame Tussauds , because Nilta , Fahmi , Chandri and Indi , my friends from Belgium come to visit Amsterdam for couple a days but I can olny visit them in the saturday :D
In the morning am feeling quite not good I don't know why , and when I reached station in Baflo , there is no train to groningen at that time so I have to wait 30 minutes for the next train , okay I know why my feeling was not right .
In Groningen I have to take the bus to Assen , because station Groningen Europapark is underconstruction so in the bus I met a Chinese girl , accidentally she wanna go to Amsterdam too !
In the train between Assen and Amersfoort , we met a girl from Russia , and she can talk a little bit chinesse .
They are an exchange students too but they both studying in RUG. The chinesse girl is studying for 6 months and the russian girl is studying here for 3 months , we're talking about our school system for our country and another country too , well I learn a lot :)

Just skip out until we are in madame tussaud and we celebrate Fahmi and Chandri birthday at burger king , yeaaah , fahmi is birthday on that day , Happy birthday Chandri and Fahmi
and now after amsterdam am going to skip it until the day that I went to my Host-Opa funeral , ya am feeling so sorry because I am not with my host fam at the time before . It's different with Indonesian culture , they make it not scare , and with songs they played to remember my host-opa , it's just make me so sad even I've only saw him for one time.
Wait , he want to save me or am trying to save him ? :p 

Not really different 
With Shinta and Koningin Wilhelmina
Fahmi , Nilta , Shinta, Marilyn , Ik , en Indi
Chandri , Ik , Nilta , Fahmi , en Indi

Further , Sarah and I went to AFS uitstaapje to Efteling, this is our second time , so i just want to enjoy the rollercoaster , because some of them I've visited on the Herfstvakantie . And on the way home we ate on the wok place in utrecht station , IT IS SUPER DELICIOUS , if you go enter the restaurant you will feel like entering my dad favourite chinese take away restaurant in Bogor :o :0 :O
Merein , Ik , Best , Bring en Shinta
Kathy , Bring , Ik , Matilda , Yue 
De hele groep :D

So that was my voorjaarvakantie :)

P.S. I want to once in time posting a post in Nederlands is het goed ?