Tuesday, February 14

Thinking at the couch

Am just sitting on the couch and thinking , if you think being an exchange student is only going to another country and go to school , having fun mmm not at all .
We're live in another family , with different activity , with a totally different live , and it always need time to adapt to your new family and school.
What are you going to do with your exchange year will come out when you doing your exchange year , from your exchange year you will be able to see the beauty of the world when you're in another country and realized that is so many culture in the world,
For example if in Indonesia , somebody offer us do you want ice cream ? And we say no , they keep giving us an ice cream , but maybe if in here if you say no to an ice cream then you don't get an ice cream :)
(this is based from an experience)
saying "no" is a hard thing to do for some people , it's not that we're not allowed to say no to older people but it's just how to respect another people.
A little things like this happen make you see the differences , and make you see your culture maybe not "fit in" to another culture . But you can "fit in" in another culture , as if you don't forget your own culture.
Be mature, take the positive and throw away the negative , being a better person :)

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Friday, February 3

Wat een leuke dag !

Today , many things happen !
First , today is sport day so I play basketball for my class , well my team wa really not good but at the second play we're just like on fire and play not so bad actually
And second , I've already received the result from the taaltoets , yup dutch test from afs last week , kijk het is ongeloofelijk , one night before the test (well 7 hours actually) I go to the party at my school , yaa het is bovenbouw feest , who wants to miss the party !!!! The theme is a night at the movies , so I decided to go with a ninja costume well simple !

And after the party mam en pap picked me up and I just can sleep for 2 hours and I have a shower en breakfast , and go to bring house , and we go to vinkeveen , about 3 hours from baflo !
I think am going to sleep at the train , but I can't soo just see how the tests going , at the test am almost fall asleep on the listening test , it is soooo boring !
Now today I've just received the result , aaaannnnnddd ,
58 point from 81 point
Not soo bad yooow!!!
Am sooo happy !!!!
in breukelen when we want to go to utrecht after de nederlands taaltoets

But I know 6 of my friends failed , just keep practicing guys , just learn more , one two word a day and know how to make a sentence with it is enough, I know you can do iiiitttt !!!! :D

third , it's snowing in heeeerreeee !!!

Ciao ! Am going to sleep , welterusten allemal ! Slaap lekker !
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