Saturday, October 20

One of my friend ask me these question for his essay ,

  1. What's your reason to be an exchange student?
  2. What is/are the benefits you get for being an exchange student? 
  3. What will you do after you finished your exchange year?

Well,Because going abroad is one of my biggest dream , and I believe that exchange year can give you another experience that not all students in Indonesia can ever experienced it.
Just a couple days ago , my mom told me that she has a friend that she knew in the university, my mom's friend was going abroad via AFS , and she really wish that she joined the selection or maybe her future children. Her first children was her only hope , but it was imposible because his son went to a semi-military boarding school. Someday about 3 years ago when my mom's only daughter ask her "May I go for an exchange student selection?" , My Mom smiled and say "Yes, of course..."

The benefits for being an exchange student not only experience, because I went to Netherlands , so Ik kan heel goed nederlands spreken !

Second learn a new culture but because my host-father is Paraguayan so I learn two cultures in one year , Netherlands and south american culture. Once , my host-auntie and uncle came from spain , woaa I think it was so cool , well I can't understand Spanish , but my host-mother always translated it to me, and now I want to learn Spanish too (but I know that I will learn Korean first :p )

Third , I get to know more about myself when I get into a new area , a new environment , a new family (I really love my family ! ik miss jullie heel erg....), and new school. Being an exchange student will get you so many me-time , when you know no-one there because you're so new in school , or when you can't speak the language , be confidence and independent ! 

Friendship , well maybe you never imagine that you have a best friend come from Thailand , Ecuador , Hong Kong and Netherlands , Yes I still keeping in touch with them via email , Facebook and Skype  You may never meet them again , but you know there will be someone out of there that can help you so if you're lost in the street on Hong kong , you can call Bravo ! If you wanna go to the Pattaya Beach you can call Bring, Best, Tonhon or Bam ! or if you are lost in the dessert of Arizona then you can call Chelsea , or if you don't know how to get to the Colosseum you can ask Silvia, or if you are lost in Gresik you can call Shinta <3 nbsp="nbsp" span="span">

For now I’m still concentrate to finish my high school, and go to the best university in Indonesia . I’m still doing my little project in my school , well maybe it’s still quite internal , I help my junior to get free books from the senior that already finished their high school , so the juniors can save their books money, and it can reduce school fee. Of course I’m still volunteering for Bina Antarbudaya – AFS Indonesia :) 

Monday, October 1

START of a new adventure

Let this be an adventure, a beginning of my future. I'm starting my last year of high school and just finished my midtest in a couple days ago. It such a really hard times I have to study more and more harder than years before. I know it seems logically , but I give my salute to My Friends who graduate from SMANTI....

Sometimes I do miss my live back there , go to school with the train , studying not seriously , feel the wind when you walk to the bus station, I MISS DANCE sooo freakin much , ILJA,SHARKA,FATE,MARTHE,MAAIKE,ROOSmarijn, IK MIS JULLIE ALLEMAAL,
 and I miss all of the things that I can do so freely back there....
well maybe this is the time to see life more and more serious , for doing my best and go to the best university.
Need new motivation , and new spirit !

and last HELLO MY NEW HAIRCUT ! <3 it="it" love="love">