Saturday, October 22


Hoi everyone :)
am back in this autumn holiday, I've bring you stories about my vacation
Saturday, I started to learn how to ride my bicycle :B yeah I know even now am in the country who everybody is going by bike but I just start to learn it in my second month :p It's goes well now I can hop in and I still ended up with jumping and make a bruise in my tummy but it's okay , that means I really have to have a flat tummy haha

Sunday , I went to Cuijk with my family , to visit opa en oma :) It's a long journey , I can watch Twilight with Sarah en I slept after the movie is finished -.- Arrived in Cuijk , we enjoyed a typicall dutch food , with a apple inside I don't know the name is :p And we took an afternoon walk in the middle of the city with opa en oma , why the store is open ? yep ! it's kop zondag !! haha usually they don't open in sunday but in a special sunday like this sunday they opened it until 5 , and the next kop zondag is I think It will be on november 6 In the city I met a girl and a boy who dance it's like a dance from East of Indonesia and they play the music with Gendang

 Look at The Gendang!!!

After visited the city , I thought we're gonna back to Oma house but no , we went to opa's room where old people need a special care :) It's so nice because I never see my grandpa from both side since I was born . And we visit a river Maas river that raising in France and go through Belgium and Netherlands . and do you know after the river there is a Hill and after the Hill is Germany :B

Maas River :)

After that we have a dinner in oma house , The dinner is so unique it's like we do in Hanamasa , but no Yakiniku and Shabu-shabu sauce -.- hahaha but we still have  meat, lamb , and chicken fillet :D After dinner we went home and we passed Germany for have a dessert but the ice cream store is closed -.-

Monday , Somebody is coming to the town !!! Shinta from Shinta Ciptaningrum
went to groningen hahahah , We took a trip arpund groningen from
Groningen centraal station -> Praedinius Gymnasium -> Bibliotheek -> CITY ( yup V&D, loempia vietnam , Yoke, and all the shop in Herrestraat) -> Groningen CS -> Starbucks -> Home ,
In the night you know what we're gonna do y?up we share a story and we invite Bring to House :) Nice Day !

Funny part !
Shinta: "ZOOOO KOUD"
Me and Bring : "what ? this is definitely not koud !"
 that's the different between me those who live in the south and those who live in the north :p
Tuesday, Shinta is still in Baflo , we woke up very late haha , sorry bring :p We go to Bring's house to Watch a Thailand movie , Ladda Land (read: Lakda Len) it's a Horror Movie , you know how much I scared of Thailand movie , but I think This movie is not to scary haha so sad today Shinta have to go back to The Hague . In the city after I say goodbye to Shinta I met Sarah and her friend when they are shopping .

Wednesday , IK GA NAAR EFTELING !! wuhuuu efteling is one of an amusement park in netherland !! soo cool !
4 times roller coaster , and the other attractions is cool too

Me and Sarah , in front of the efteling entrance door , which inspired by Indonesian Rumah Gadang !

Thursday, have a interview with a sociolog from RUG with Fatema for Social Science task !! am sorry i was late almost an hour -.- because I came home from the Efteling like at12 in the night sooo sorry , but we have a great interview !

Saturday, Go Shopping at Jumbo in the Euroborg ! at least I have visited FC groningen stadium (from the outside actually) :p and Have a dinner with mam en pap !

Sunday, RUGBY wereldkampioenschap!! New Zealand against France !! All Black is really really did a great job i love their haka ! hahaha

I dont go to the capoeira class today -.- i've been waiting for an hour for the train and the train doesn't come , sucha stupid :'(

That's my herfstvakantie , how about you ? ;)

Saturday, October 8

I amsterdam(n)

Assalamualaikum ! hello everybody :D how's life ?

last weekend I went to A-M-S-T-E-R-D-A-M hehe :D so it was an adventure of me and Bring to the south part of Holland , it spend a long time to get there , we took the train at 7.06
Baflo - Groningen (about 30 minutes)
Groningen - Amersfoort (about 1 hour and 40 minutes)
Amersfoort - Amsterdam Centraal ( 30 minutes )

only two of us on the train ? no ! we met Bam , Best (Naega jeil jal naga) , and Finn in the groningen - amersfoort train :) Because the train was sooo full so we doesn't have any sit -.- actually me and bring have but I want to braid Bam's hair (sooo beautiful) and Bring wanna speak thais to her friends so we accompanied them :)

When we wanna step out in the Amersfoort there were AFSers to in the train ! and then we change the train and go to the Amsterdam centraal , and do you know what ? the train was full !! more full than the last one so we have stand still in the front of WC it wasn't nice but I enjoyed I dont know why I really enjoyed feeling like go to Depok with a train :p

We arrived at Amsterdam at 10.03 and I saw Shinta with Matilda bu they went to wc and I lost them , After all the Afsers came (not all of them -.-) were divided into a group , and I wanna be in the same group with Shinta , but I lost her , and finally after I little bit pull to the one side :p I'm on the group with SHINTAAA !! <3 <3

This  is My group :D

from left to the right : Bravo (HK) , Ju(CHN), Kai(HK), Kathy(ECU), Matilda(HK), Shinta , Me (Indonesia), Clau (CHI), Linda and Lucrezia (ITA)

We went to some beautiful places , with an unique or great history for Amsterdam . Don't forget Gelato !!! YAA I bought a Gelato , we found an italian restaurant they sell italian espresso , so My friend from italy missed strong italian coffee :p AND DON'T FORGET we passed the red light district :D
after that we went to a monument where the monument is tribute to the victims of WORLD WAR 2 or tweede wereldoorglog.

After this we craved for a lunch so We picked Hema (we means me and shinta :p) yeah as we know Shinta miss meat , she is not a good vegan :p

Next ! to the flower market ! :D hey sell tulips and the seeds for another flower , our friends from ecuador spent money for a tullips bol (am I right ?) hehehehe I only spent money for a chocolate :p oh yaaaa I bought magnets too for my mom ! hahaha

In the end of the flower market I
Straights to a nice park with an old house surrounded , the oldest house in the amsterdam

and some of the statue ,

and after went around to the other side of amsterdam , We finally arrived in I AMSTERDAM sign :D

Big part of AFS Nederlands 2011/2012 :D
After took a photo do you know what happen ? we ran to the trem to go to the station , and I forgot that I dont  have any money in my ov chipkaart (bring doesnt have it too -.-) wkekkeke so am really sorry oh meneer (untung gak ketauan)

After checking the train me , bring and the other thailand girls went to a thailand restaurant !!! :D
Finally I can ate TOM YAM KUNG again (y) and feel the hot and spicy uuuhhhh zo lekker :p

I ate it I ate it I enjoyed it suddenly I ralized that it's already 18.00 and my Train is on 18.26 , after pay and drink my cola :'((( We raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan so fast but I realized Idont wanna spill out my Tom yam so it feels like tom yam and  my cola is shaked in my stomach --
And We made it arrive at the station at 18.20 -.- hahaha

It's only both of us me and bring :D hahaha we shared a lot of story and We wanna watch breaking dawn together in the cinema :p hahaha Arrived in Baflo at 9 , Eerste Leuk Reis met Bring :D