Saturday, March 24

LENTE en De Hongerspelen

Hoi jongens !
"Het is lekker warm"
"Kom op , het is toch een lekker weer !! tijd voor buitengaan"

You right  the weather are getting better now ! 16 , 17 grades , but still the wind is a little bit cold here , yeah the minimum temperature of an airco in indonesia is 16 celcius guys.
Everybody is going to the outdoor cafe , me and my friends are eating our lunch while enjoying the sun , once I went to de appie with Lotte to get some ices , and last thursday
I think , me and some friends were enjoying the sun un prinsentuin , it's a park a little park but half of them is not yet green at all , so we were lying down on the green part , yea me , Ilja , Jannick , Saraab and Ruben .
It's a first time for me that I really really almost fall a sleep in a grass !
And this is the first time for me that I really really enjoying the sun !
Be grateful Indonesian people , you have to many sun's shine.

Just watched , The Hunger Games today with Bam , zo'n een leuke film.
I am not reading the book yet , but it has an interesting background , when the writer , Suzanne Collins are changing the tv channel , one channel is a competition on reality show and the other is about invasion in Iraq . And she mixed it a little bit with a Greeks mythology.
And now I decided to read the 2nd book .
So this is it , the first spring that I've ever taste, hopelijk  het is meer vrolijker met de bloemetjes overal :)

Be My Spring ,

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