Saturday, April 28

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Thursday, April 26

Arbeidsweek :D

Start this week , my Social Work task from school is begin.
I do really really excited !! Because I never get this opportunity in Indonesia , and I imagine if I do this in Bogor I will like give my cv to Starbucks , or maybe Pizza hut will be great !! or even Baskin Robbins !!!

SOOO I'm doing my 'stage' (I mean stage in dutch not in english :p ) in AFS kantoor and I do some social work collect some money for Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp , to help some children who are not so lucky like the other children.
And Yesterday , I helped Saskia (who I stay with now) in the nursing home for opa en oma in the beauty afternoon ! They get maskered , their nails are got polished , and they had a hand massages , and in the beauty afternoon I met Mevrouw Beatings ! She comes from Indonesia , She was born in Bandung and then she moved to Surabaya , She is so lovely , She ask me if I can speak Sundanese and I said , All my Sundanese are gone away because of dutch :) hehe

She ask me if I come again someday to see her , I hope so ! oh ya and she have a special glass for her a cup of tea , it's so typisch indonesia! You know the real metal glass lid :p

And today when I colecting money for Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp , I met a Mevrouw , she comes from Colombia , with her daughter , and she tell us about her experience how to adapt in Netherland and her daughter can speak spanish too ! And yeah I said to her Hola ! Como Estas ? And they are surprised like , Hablas Espanol ? I just like shocked and said NO NO !!!  Then Saskia invite her to the Multi Culture Ladies Party , which is held on Friday night , I hope she will comes :)
Okay that's all for today !!


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Happy Birthday Ibu

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Bu, kabarnya lagi di Surabaya ya sama Ayah ?
Selamat ulang tahun buat Ibu ! Semoga di bulan juli nanti kita ketemu ibu diberikan yang terbaik oleh Allah SWT . Selamat atas lensa canon baru nya semoga nanti kita bisa hunting bareng lageeee
Salam Kecup basah dari anakmu yang cantik :)


Tuesday, April 24

Happy Birthday Ayah

Maaf ayah , aku belom bisa kasih apa apa kecuali doaku lewat Allah untuk mu , semoga ayah terus panjang umur , sukses , dilancarkan segala urusannya , diberikan selalu kesehatan , dan semoga Ayah selalu diberikan yang terbaik oleh Allah SWT , Aamiin Yaa Rabbal Alamin

Monday, April 16

Amsterdam Adventure

Maybe you will be bored by reading my blog , why am always go to amsterdam , well I don't really like it though , but there are too many place to visit in here , now I have a tussenuur and am going to tell you my last adventure in Amsterdam .
So in Easter vacation days , Bring and I going to visit Anne Frank huis and Van Gogh Museum , but because am already visit van Gogh I asked Shinta too accompany me to go to a vintage store in Amsterdam , while Bring visit Van Gogh.
Well a bad weather to visit a great place , rain.... rain.... rain....
not too different with Bogor , well anyway first we arrived and searched for shinta and we go by tram to Van Gogh Museum , but do you know how long the queue ? more than 500 meter I think -.- okay we decided to visit it later , so next we went to Anne Frank Huis and we decided to ... WALK !
yeah its reaning , we walk because Bring's ov chipkaart doesn't work , so we walk and walk almost lost , and we walk walk from one halte to one halte , and finally we found 300 meter queue and ended in the little huis and it is Anne Frank Huis !
In the end it's really really a sad story back there in het Achter Huis (Dutch name for the back huis , where Frank family hiding from anti-jews) It is little from the outside but big from the inside , and I can't imagine I have to live there we have to whisper and walking without a sound every day , and I decided to buy her book in Dutch , and I just can't imagine a 13 years old girl have such a big thought like her , she was really smart , and photogenic !

After spending 4 hour down there me and shinta go to the vintage shop on the way there we found a shop with lomo camera :O oh my goodness !!! They are not too expensive like in Indonesia :(( but still I dont have money too much too buy that things .
Me and Shinta , Amsterdam 9-04-2012

Me and Bring , 09-04-2012 
On the way home bring and I bought some pizza and chicken wings , really good for a dinner on the train like we  always have hahaha :D

Monday, April 2


Elk jaar zijn er zo’n 100 AFS uitwisselingsscholieren in Nederland.  Zij verblijven net als ik bij een gastgezin en gaan naar school. Tijdens 1 week in mei is het de bedoeling dat alle AFSers een weekje van gastgezin ruilen. Gewoon om eens mee te maken  hoe het is in een andere Nederlandse familie en op een andere Nederlandse school. Ik ga in mei een week naar een andere regio in Nederland,  maar er zijn heel veel andere AFSers uit bv ArgentiniĆ«, BraziliĆ«, ItaliĆ«, de VS, Thailand etc. die graag een week in het Noorden van Nederland zouden zijn.

Als het jou leuk lijkt om in mei een weeklang een leuke AFSer op bezoek te hebben bij jou thuis, laat het me dan weten.  Dan vertel ik je hoe het is om wisselweekgastgezin te worden.