Saturday, July 2

Libur telah tiba libur telah tiba

Hello Everyone , now am post this from my new laptop

So I wanna tell you about my previous experience in AFS . So as a candidate from Bogor , they invite me to join a talent show with the other candidate from Jakarta , and Karawang . They're so AWESOME , and have that same "waiting" experience just like me. After practiced for about one week the show is finally coming.... it's on the 28th of June at Tomodachi Cafe.

We perform a Musical Drama , we're dancing and singing and there were some lines too !!

AFS sending 2011/2012 (aamiin , gelukkig success)

The Opening Pose (before that we sang "Libur Telah Tiba")

The Final Pose (we sang "Pesta")

After Show , and the hosting student , they are from Japan , Belgium , and Germany :) They'll comeback to they're country after finished the AFS program from 2010 untill 2011 , they have great personalities and they can speak indonesia fluently , so don't ever talk behind them and thinks that they can't understand what are you saying :p