Wednesday, June 20

Faya leeft nog......

Hoi iedereen ,

Well after such a long time I have a hectic (seriously) hectic weeks in a row , since before Meivakantie and after Meivakantie, well until Now !!!!
Before Meivakantie, I've done my 'Arbeidsproject' in AFS Netherland office , and in the weekend we celebrate the Queens day (Me and Bring , Bring come sleeping with me too :3 ).
We only celebrate it for the birthday of the former Queen's birthday. Everybody go down on the street and wears anything that orange or red, white and blue shirts , drinking beer (wel i wasnt drink it) walking in the street or even only sitting in the park . The special thing is every queensday Netherlands has always a very good weather , shining , 18 celcius degrees ( well for us this is enough hot!). Like some people in here said , dutch people are not very nationalist but they gonna wear orange outfit and colouring their face with red white and blue on queen's day and football match !
After Queensday we have a whole week free for Meivakantie , I had a familie vacation with my hostfamily :D YEAAAAAY
We were spending our vacation in Prague , yes a capital city of Republic of Czech . We drove across Germany and just hop-in in Prague. Me and Sarah spending our way with watching Grey's Anatomy , and ta-daaaaa we arrived in Prague , first thing what people say, why do you wanna go to Prague ? Not Berlin or other famous city in Europe , Barcelona , Milan or other, well you dont wanna say that after you visit Prague. Prague is one of the beautifull city in Europe. It's such a beautiful city with a romantic view. Not too hectic, many beautiful place to visit, such as the Charles Bridge , the Hill well I dont know the name but from the top of it you can see Prague from the other side and it really beautiful (but I think just a couple tourist go to this hill) And the restaurant !
 Yeah people there is one restaurant that YOU HAVE TO VISIT whether you like asian food or not , you have to visit them ! It called 'Sansho'. It's a fushion restaurant , we had dinner there and we have 6 courses , all that I can remember all of the six courses are delicious , but my high point is for Soft Shell Crab Slider (I think I can make it in Indonesia , because we absolutely have this freaking delicious soft shell crab) and RENDANG ! Yup Indonesian rendang, I ate with my hands absolutely with rice , because I just feel like in Indonesia.
Oh ya , on the night before I ate Goulash with dumplings , this is absolutely lekker too , and it is typically Czech , So you have to try it ! Well the dumplings ? You never gonna find it in another place , this first time I tried bread dumplings And on the other night I ate tapas with Chicken breast in hot spanish chilli pepper spices it such a delicious chicken breast !!Oh wait why am I only talking about food ? hahaha

Okay nexxxxt , I have my exchange week a week after vacation, exchange week is a week that you can go to another family but still in the Netherland so you can experience how it feels in the other part of this country. I went to Den Helder for a week , I stayed at Giulia's House with her hostmother and that time was another good time i my exchange year. Den Helder is in another part of the Netherland , Noord Holland , at the point of west part of the country , yap near to the north sea , and ofcourse , beach ! Lucky me , it was a good weather when I visited Den Helder , so every night Me and Giulia cycling to Giulia's friend's house Roos , for watching anime , or movie , and sometimes we go to the beach too, but I think we never stay in the house after dinner. hehe , in that week , I went to Walibi too , yup another amusement park !! It has many extreme roller-coaster and so on ...
Yeah I had a good time with another friends , and another experience with another school , another friends, another environment (i dont know how to say what I mean to say I forget the english word) .

After exchange week mmmm I think I got a busy week of papers and essay , and then I have my performance !!!!! yesssss !!!! this one I already told you in the post before , and I already post the link too !
Yeah , start on the middle ( I think) of my exchange year I join streetdance class , and lucky me to join in this year because the performance is held once every two year! We have to dancin in the theme song of Happy Feet , and absolutely We have to wear a pinguinpak !!
We performed on Saturday and Sunday 9-10 juli in the evening in the city theater of Groningen. When I enter the stage , I just realized , that I have this feeling that I wanna perform everyday , not just like the attention but the adrenaline like your body are not shaking but enjoying the time. I miss that time !!!

and one more busy week, I have my proefwerk week now , I have like four or five tests to do then I have to go to end of stay camp at soest on friday !

Busy weeks on the end of my staying here , bah bah bah bah
trying to always enjoy the time , enjoy every train I take , enjoy every time I walk in this country , Enjoy every word I say in dutch....

Friday, June 15

Happy Feet Dance !!!!

Too many things going on , gonna write about it later , but this one is the most important !
My performance with my dance class , yes I´m dancing now on a streetdance class , and we did 2 performance on 9th and 10th of June at the Stadsschouwburg of Groningen . This is the video of sunday´s performance . With thanks to my Sarah :')

If you´re confused where am I in this video , just looking for the most little one on your right side :) and I´m ended up on the really back side with hand in the air :D