Friday, September 30

Today am gonna tell you my schedule in the school :)
I'm on 4D at Praedinius Gymnasium , which I  should take Latijn or Greek but I don't :p

explanation :
NA is for Natuurkunde or Physics
NE is for Nederlands (the teacher went to bali last summer !! haha )
FI is for Filosofie , which is very newwww for me :p
EN is for Engels or English it's divided into two part , the grammaer stuff and the literatuur stuff
KL is for Klass Uur , it's mean we're gonna see our mentor of the klass
WB is for Wiskunde B , I take the B they say it's the difficult one
ANW is for Algemene Natuu......schappen -.- or General science
SK is for Scheikunde , or Chemistry
LO is for Gym (i dont know what is LO stands for :p)
MAGS is for Maatschappijleer (read: Mats-hapey-lieur) ahahaha
TE is for Tekenen or drawing (amazing huh I take a drawing cass for the very first time :p)
and the last is PG PLUS it's a project class that you should take (well for me "They give" not "I take" but thanksfully I got Psychologie which I never Imagine that I will be go into a Psychologie because We don't have it in indonesia , and am on the same class with Sarah :D

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