Wednesday, September 28

Woensdag, 28 september 2011

So am at school now, i have tussenuur because i dont have greeks or latijn , it's already autumn in here and the fun part issss the sun is coming just like summer !!!!!! Great great weather with all of the heat of sun !
One thing that i couldnt do in indonesia , we're searching for a sun and start to put off our jacket ( poor you guys who already bring your winter jacket becauae this mornig was very coooold) and do you know what they do ? Put on their sun glasses ! Hahaha
Maybe i'll bring my mom rayban tomorrow haha
And in this maandag i went to de bibliotheek met jori I borrowed a book its about a vampire who just being marked , so de bibliotheek was very good and different andd interesting to visit of course hehe i'll show you my card later and the first book i borrowed later , okay gonna enjoy my life in this tussenuur ! Doei <3

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