Thursday, August 25

twintig augustus

when we're fasting my school have an event for celebrating indonesia's independence day at 17 augustus :D
This is my first time coming to school after a long long time disappear in a big cave -.-
Missing my Friend so so so much ,
Prada won all the competition !!! suprising right ? because we've learned from our mistakes hehe

Fashion Show , on the 1st Place our Belated Heroes deserve it !
Paparazzi contest , by me :B got the 2nd Place !! 축헤애 !!!!

Bugen , reach the big 2 in the "Ranking 1" competition !!!!
(he is behind the boy who wore a glasses) :p

 This is Tuti Fruti Monster for "kreasi buah" competition won at the 1st place !!! made by our "ibu ibu PKK" a.k.a. Abheer , Ira , and Muti , but as a good friend Me and ojan (as a good boyfriend of ira) help them :D

The Prize for "Kreasi buah" is 

Am so Happy that Night aaaaanddd 

a Birthday Surprise !!! for Ojan, Asin , and Yeri !

Happy Bithday Annisa Nurul Ayuningdyah , Yeri Olivia Violeta and Fauzan Irsyad !
생일축하함니다 !!! :)
And the last we took a photo together ,
(this is just one of the photo , yeaah you know , Prada -.- we are sooo fotogenic hahaha)


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