Friday, August 26

New Family !

As I wrote about AFS , and I got a Placement in Netherland , after waiting for a long long long long time waiting , everyday when am home in the morning I opened my facebook and saw my friends who already arrived in united states upload their photo and arrived in their host-family finally .... a twitter account mention me,
"@fayakhw hoi zus , hoe gaat het met jou ?" 
My hand is start to shaking and start to rubbing my eyes , is that real ? yes she is my host sister , when I log in into my Facebook she already ask me for a friendship and her Mom too , Alhamdulillah.

I got a host family  , a hostmom , hostdad, and one hostsis . They live in a small village called Baflo 30 minutes to Groningen the bigger city. After reading the host fam paper , they are a great family , my mam (ceileeeeh) is working for a shrimp company ( I will cook Sweet and Sour Shrimp !!!! yay !!!) , my pap is a doctor , and my sis is 14 , we will go to a same school in Groningen , we will take a same train in the morning :') I hope we can build a great Siblings , because I don't have any elder or younger sister , and really want to take a Shopping together , have a chit chat in bucks in the sunday morning hehehe :D

my mam is very very nice , she always give me information about Baflo and Groningen , and do you know thaaaat , my mam and my pap they met in states when they had an opportunity to have an AFS program just like me :) my mam is from netherland , and my pap is from Paraguay , that's why my host sister is very very Beautiful she is a half european and a half latino !  

Everyday I should take a train to go to my school , yeah soon I'll be an agasta (anak gaul stasiun) hehe, 22km ? do you wanna go to school with bike ? hehe. But it's okay the passenger in there must be not anarchist like in Indonesia , where you are allowed to sit above the train , underlined "ABOVE" . That's funny , I love my Indonesia :)

And I hope I can make a good impresion to my friend in my next School , Praedinius Gymnasium . I want to join the School Band I hope they're searching for a vocalist hehe . I hope I'll be ok there , have a good experience and I can learn something good about , how is life in the one of european country :) I hope all of my concerns are disappear , aamiin . Wish me Luck Guys :D



sapey said...

i can't speak english as well as you do. jadi pake b.indo aja ah ya pay haha.
excited banget gue baca ini. gimana elu yg ngerasain ya pay?

Faya Khairina said...

hahaha selow weh lah saap haha , bangeeeeeeeeeeetttt saap!!
jadi bingung mau ngapa ngapain bawaannya -.- hehehehe