Sunday, August 7

En Donde Estas ?

some people maybe asking me where i am ,or what am i doing , and saying happy fasting , but I was disappeared for about a week . I went for an orientation camp , and it was ended with a greaaat Talent Show :D

I went with another 92 AFS and YES candidates from all over indonesia , which is it means from chapter banda aceh until chapter makassar :) I already knew some of them from the AFS group at facebook . But met them face to face and being in one room all day with them , is such a great time . With a great great people like them :)

In the orientation camp we're divided into 15 group , I am on Memberamo Group , with Lala (she is gonna go to Germany) from Jogjakarta , Tika from Semarang , Fairus from Surabaya , Pattih from Padang , and Shaqina from Jakarta . I go to a same bed room with Fairus , with Raras from Jakarta (she join the tribute night on my last post) and Ica from Jogjakarta .

in every night we were practiced for a Talent Show , we had a talent show @ Goethe Haus

 I'm on the Choir Division

AFS YES 2011/2012

YES-ers I'm gonna miss you so much :* see you next year :) and wish the AFS-ers luck :D
more photos : Farewell Party Album

p.s. : one more thing that I missed from Orientation , the FUNKY CHICKEN DANCE !!!!

Arum , Aida miss them so much !! funky chicken funk funky chicken aaw !! shoot the moon shoot shoot the moon !! john travolta john john travolta !! frankenstein frank frankenstein !!! underwear un un der wear underwear un un der wear !!
when will i dance this funky chicken dance again ? :3


Cheryl said...

I know fairus! dyah fairus? my debate friend :D

Faya Khairina said...

yes , fairus from sidoardjo ! hehe she is so talented :')