Saturday, July 2

Libur telah tiba libur telah tiba

Hello Everyone , now am post this from my new boyfriend *ups sorry laptop hehehe just got it from a present for me hehehe Thanks you so much ajjussii

So I wanna tell you about my previous experience in AFS . So as a candidate from Bogor , they invite me to join a talent show with the other candidate from Jakarta , and Karawang . They're so AWESOME , and have a same "waiting" experience just like me hehehe after practice for about one week the show was coming !!!! it's on the 28th of June at Tomodachi Cafe

We perform a Musical Drama , we're dancing and singing and there were some lines too !!

AFS sending 2011/2012 (aamiin , gelukkig success)

The Opening Pose (before that we sang "Libur Telah Tiba")

The Final Pose (we sang "Pesta")

After Show , and the bules , they are the hosting children from Japan , Belgium , and Germany :) They'll comeback to they're country after finished the AFS program from 2010 untill 2011 , they have great personalities and they can speak indonesia fluently , so don't ever talk behind them and thinks that they can't understand what are you saying :p

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