Thursday, April 26

Arbeidsweek :D

Start this week , my Social Work task from school is begin.
I do really really excited !! Because I never get this opportunity in Indonesia , and I imagine if I do this in Bogor I will like give my cv to Starbucks , or maybe Pizza hut will be great !! or even Baskin Robbins !!!

SOOO I'm doing my 'stage' (I mean stage in dutch not in english :p ) in AFS kantoor and I do some social work collect some money for Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp , to help some children who are not so lucky like the other children.
And Yesterday , I helped Saskia (who I stay with now) in the nursing home for opa en oma in the beauty afternoon ! They get maskered , their nails are got polished , and they had a hand massages , and in the beauty afternoon I met Mevrouw Beatings ! She comes from Indonesia , She was born in Bandung and then she moved to Surabaya , She is so lovely , She ask me if I can speak Sundanese and I said , All my Sundanese are gone away because of dutch :) hehe

She ask me if I come again someday to see her , I hope so ! oh ya and she have a special glass for her a cup of tea , it's so typisch indonesia! You know the real metal glass lid :p

And today when I colecting money for Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp , I met a Mevrouw , she comes from Colombia , with her daughter , and she tell us about her experience how to adapt in Netherland and her daughter can speak spanish too ! And yeah I said to her Hola ! Como Estas ? And they are surprised like , Hablas Espanol ? I just like shocked and said NO NO !!!  Then Saskia invite her to the Multi Culture Ladies Party , which is held on Friday night , I hope she will comes :)
Okay that's all for today !!


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