Monday, April 16

Amsterdam Adventure

Maybe you will be bored by reading my blog , why am always go to amsterdam , well I don't really like it though , but there are too many place to visit in here , now I have a tussenuur and am going to tell you my last adventure in Amsterdam .
So in Easter vacation days , Bring and I going to visit Anne Frank huis and Van Gogh Museum , but because am already visit van Gogh I asked Shinta too accompany me to go to a vintage store in Amsterdam , while Bring visit Van Gogh.
Well a bad weather to visit a great place , rain.... rain.... rain....
not too different with Bogor , well anyway first we arrived and searched for shinta and we go by tram to Van Gogh Museum , but do you know how long the queue ? more than 500 meter I think -.- okay we decided to visit it later , so next we went to Anne Frank Huis and we decided to ... WALK !
yeah its reaning , we walk because Bring's ov chipkaart doesn't work , so we walk and walk almost lost , and we walk walk from one halte to one halte , and finally we found 300 meter queue and ended in the little huis and it is Anne Frank Huis !
In the end it's really really a sad story back there in het Achter Huis (Dutch name for the back huis , where Frank family hiding from anti-jews) It is little from the outside but big from the inside , and I can't imagine I have to live there we have to whisper and walking without a sound every day , and I decided to buy her book in Dutch , and I just can't imagine a 13 years old girl have such a big thought like her , she was really smart , and photogenic !

After spending 4 hour down there me and shinta go to the vintage shop on the way there we found a shop with lomo camera :O oh my goodness !!! They are not too expensive like in Indonesia :(( but still I dont have money too much too buy that things .
Me and Shinta , Amsterdam 9-04-2012

Me and Bring , 09-04-2012 
On the way home bring and I bought some pizza and chicken wings , really good for a dinner on the train like we  always have hahaha :D

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Indira Laksmitha Yasmine said...

Talking about lomo cameras, in United States, it's not that expensive too ! But you're right, i have to prioritize which one is more important and which one can be postponed ~ Nice post !!!! =))