Wednesday, November 9

Work Hard , Play Hard

Heee everyone,
Am posting in the middle of the proefwerk week , its kinda mid-test in indonesia but it more seriously because some of the test grade will be your grade to go to university.

I learn in here how to manage my time , because i have to learn language , the subject, and i have to adapt at the same time. I learn how they studying in here , they study really hard before the test and until now i never saw somebody cheating. It makes me realize nobody will help you in the test ;) I have a bad bad habit that am not studying for a test, so for this proefwerk week i have to study .
The type of the questions is an analysis question its very different from what we already learn becauae actually we have to open up your mind and combine it what you've learn , so it makes you think very hard!

Don't laugh at me because i bring a very big dictionary for this tests. Because the questions is in dutch and i have to answer it in english :B
I've done math, general science, english literature, physics, and today is chemistry test u,u wish me luccckkkk

Second thing, i have already my ticket to go to a school party, it called BBF (not a Boys Before Flower but bovenbouwfest), i'll go with my afs friend from ecuador, kathy. She is leuk and dont drink although she is already 17 almost 18 hehehe.
partying partying yeaaaaaahhh partying partying yeaaahhh fun fun fun fun ~~~~

So work hard en play hard !

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