Monday, November 25

New Life

I can't even remember when was the last time I update this blog.
Well , I am now already began with my new life as a university student . After a long long long journey I was successfully get into University of Indonesia, Faculty of Pharmacy. Even though it wasn't my first choice , but after doing it for a couple of months I start to enjoy it , with all of the pressure and assignments.
First , maybe it was because I was so tired with all of those "SORRY YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTED..." from five universities , but who knows that God give me one of the best university in Indonesia :' Bless...

well , second I'm doing it because after asking my mom , dad and my mam and pap they are all agree that pharmacy is one of the hardest major to take with all of those big books and practicum that I have to do.
you know..... Challenge.... I take Pharmacy as a challenge and a new things that I could learn and explore and not everybody can learn about it , and I can inform people about what I've learned right after I study about a drugs.
I'm doing this hectic life as a freshman while staying on my own rent room, I start to arrange everything on my own. YIPPIIIEEEE :) It is of course hard but am trying to always enjoy it , new friends , new problems make it more interesting to do and see what happen next :D 

So in this short blog , I want to share that I will be ready what will happen next as a pharmacist , And I'll tell you about it ;)

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