Monday, October 1

START of a new adventure

Let this be an adventure, a beginning of my future. I'm starting my last year of high school and just finished my midtest in a couple days ago. It such a really hard times I have to study more and more harder than years before. I know it seems logically , but I give my salute to My Friends who graduate from SMANTI....

Sometimes I do miss my live back there , go to school with the train , studying not seriously , feel the wind when you walk to the bus station, I MISS DANCE sooo freakin much , ILJA,SHARKA,FATE,MARTHE,MAAIKE,ROOSmarijn, IK MIS JULLIE ALLEMAAL,
 and I miss all of the things that I can do so freely back there....
well maybe this is the time to see life more and more serious , for doing my best and go to the best university.
Need new motivation , and new spirit !

and last HELLO MY NEW HAIRCUT ! <3 it="it" love="love">

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