Friday, February 3

Wat een leuke dag !

Today , many things happen !
First , today is sport day so I play basketball for my class , well my team wa really not good but at the second play we're just like on fire and play not so bad actually
And second , I've already received the result from the taaltoets , yup dutch test from afs last week , kijk het is ongeloofelijk , one night before the test (well 7 hours actually) I go to the party at my school , yaa het is bovenbouw feest , who wants to miss the party !!!! The theme is a night at the movies , so I decided to go with a ninja costume well simple !

And after the party mam en pap picked me up and I just can sleep for 2 hours and I have a shower en breakfast , and go to bring house , and we go to vinkeveen , about 3 hours from baflo !
I think am going to sleep at the train , but I can't soo just see how the tests going , at the test am almost fall asleep on the listening test , it is soooo boring !
Now today I've just received the result , aaaannnnnddd ,
58 point from 81 point
Not soo bad yooow!!!
Am sooo happy !!!!
in breukelen when we want to go to utrecht after de nederlands taaltoets

But I know 6 of my friends failed , just keep practicing guys , just learn more , one two word a day and know how to make a sentence with it is enough, I know you can do iiiitttt !!!! :D

third , it's snowing in heeeerreeee !!!

Ciao ! Am going to sleep , welterusten allemal ! Slaap lekker !
Verstuurd met mijn BlackBerry van Vodafone

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