Monday, January 23

Parijs Reis day 3 - 5

Day 3 !!!!

so day 3 ,
Monique suggest us to go to sacre coeur ( i dont know how to write it right but it's supposed like this :p) sacre coeur is like an old curch , it's on the hill , and from the dome , we can see parijs , we can see the big and tall eiffel tower is only a little piece part of the world!!
the funny part when we go to the dome , for ppl who under 16 or 16 the ticket price is only 4 euro , en for adult (17-...) is 6 euro ! soooo lucky me !
I also go into the curch , it's very big beautiful and silence ! but we were not allowed to take a picture there . sacre coeur , check !
now , mont matre , it's very near from sacre coeur , place when you can buy a picture , or they will draw your face only for 10 euro , and afer that we take a relax in a cafe , and because it's raining too .
next destination is Les Halles , a shopping centre , and than we walk into Centre G Pompidu , it's a museum for art and culture , the waiting line is soooooo long , so next we go to the Stravinsky Fountain , it's a sixteen whimsical water spraying and sculpture (wikipedia!!) and they're look very funny haha.
NEXT! LOUVRE !!! again ? ya ! we want to make a great photo using the louvre pyramide
NEXT ! we walk through Ile de la cite en Ile st. Louis , for een hapjes , en we go to amorino , for a waffel , very yummy crispy waffel with ho chocolate hazelnut pasta ! lekkkkeeeerrr !!
and I found a cute shop with so many things inside , and i found a music box with pink panther song , which remember me to my tribute show with pitbull and the other beng beng girls ! (keep beng beng yaaa)and in the box is written , made in Rotterdam -.- hahaha
We have a dinner on a indian restaurant with a big portie of rice and i was soooooo fuuuulllllll hoaaaah so in the middel of rain we ran to the metro to go to Galeries de Lafayette but when we arrived , it was CLOSED .but we have some nice picture in there :p

Sacre coeur

the painters in montmatre

Centre G. Pompidu

street footballer

Stravinsky Fountain

Louvre :p


Guess who !

Galeries Lafayette

Day 4 , 31/01/2011

New years eve tonite , and we're gonna celebrate it with fireworks in..... (drumroll) Disneylaaand !!
I think people all over the world is on disneyland , i can hear chinese , korean , spaans, and even Indonesia. With a special parade of all disney's character :3 makes me want to be a princess because , they're just sooo beautiful , and married a prince <3 my favorite is still , Jasmine and Aladine !
First destination ! Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril , one of the favorite rollercoaster in here ! Next we go to Pirate's beach , and what a coinsidence we met Jack Sparrow there !!!
and we were craving for a roller coaster again so we go to Big Thunder Mountain , a roller coaster with a little bit splashed of water ! Phantom of manor is a ghost house , it's quite funny first we go inside the house and there is like a big lift verrryyy big , and then someone is speaking in france well i dont know what is -.- and then we have to sit in  like a little train for two , we don't even scare but we were amazed with the technologies they used there ! next we go to the Sleeping Beauty castle , and watched the parade. After the parade we decided to take another roller coaster Space Mountain : Mission 2  ! its a roller coaster in the dark , reallly cool !!
Next we want something to refreshed our head , "IT'S A SMALL WORLD"with the song it's a small world afterall , it's a small world afterall , it's a small world afterall  it's a small small world..... It's just like Istana Boneka in Dufan, Jakarta a castle where you can see a puppet wear a clothes from all around the world and Indonesia traditional dance is included !!
I think we visit like a tree house or something and we go to the pirates of the caribbean , and we go to Buzz Light Year Laser Blast , 13 hours in Disneyland ended up with Firework of course !!! 7 minuut of Firework !! <3 mooi :D

The sleeping beauty castle , it's look like snowing , but....

Me with Jack Sparrow

Danse du Legong

Jasmine en Aladine

Beauty and the Beast

a little bit splash of water in the pirates of the caribbean


DAY 5 1/1/2012

I dont know how to called it but this day , monique's new phone is broken , and car's accumulator is zwak , thanks for a beautifull madam who helped us , she is realy beautifull , and her daughter also beautifull , and they're reallllyyy nice . BYE PARIS !! HOPE I CAN VISIT YOU AGAIN

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