Tuesday, December 6

SINTERKLAAASSS !! (AFS noord nederlands feest)

First time to see a sinterklas , because in Indonesia i never do some tradition with sinterklas !!
I came to a Sinterklas party with another AFSers in my regio , The party is in Veendam
So in this party I should make one cadeau for someone but I cant tell anyone , one cadeau and a poem and i have to wrap it unique and tell something funny about my friend who will receive my present !
So i wrap the present into a bag in a train that told my friend about a moment when my friend and his hostbrother in way back from paris , I met them in the station when we want to go back from efteling , and in there they just realized that they missed their bag.

and from sinterklass i have a snoephuisje from Veda (Venezuela) soooo beautiful house , and I have a foto list and some CHOCOLATES !!! Ik hou van chocolades !

want to see more pictures from sinterklaasfeest ?
Sinterklaasfeestje foto !

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