Friday, December 23

Oh Oh Den Haag

Hoi Allemal !

So weekend gateaway to den haag like two weeks ago ! with Matilda , Chelsea , Letizia , Linda and Bravo and don't forget absolutely Shinta !

Den Haag station spoor 1 :) woooohoooooooooooo
well 3 hour from Groningen ya which is mean my travelling start at 7.06 from Baflo Station !
Arrived in Den Haag with a painfull ass (3 hour sitting without moving) -.- I meet Bravo (onze held !) , and the other !

Soooooooo, first we go tooooo KFC yup Kentucky Fried Chicken , becuase ourtrip is specially made for Matilda who extremely miss eating on KFC ! Well gelukkig , we can have sweet chili house for enjoying the chicken :B
2nd China TOWN !!! Den Haag is a real multicultural city ! Indomie , Ramyun, Ramen , you can find it all in here !

3rd SCHEVENINGEN ! yup scheveningen is a beach , dont say that am a crazy , yeah am crazy going to a beach in winter hahahaha

We go to the bungy jumping tower and it was closed , ya of course it's closed , the wind is reaaalllllyyyyy HARD !!! Maybe if I didnt keep walking , I was blewed away !!! We take some photos with our hair is like a top model *blewed away* hahahaha

(italy's next top model :p)
And we go down stair , and going to an Ice Cream store , well it's Italian Ice cream soo , Linda and Letizia this is your time ! hahah I have chocolate-mint ice cream , finally !!! I found it , there is no Baskin Robins here sooo , yaa no mint choco chip ice cream :((( And we take some photos to in the beach and I'm trying to eat Bravo's haring which make my fingers is soooo smelly , Linda too , she try it and we were regret it because our hand become soooooo smelly !

after the beach we go to the shopping centre which is connecting us to the  big street so we can go back by tram, Linda and I must buy some gum and wash our hand , soooooo vies !!!!!!!!

after scheveningen , we go to a Hongkong , Cantonese Restaurant (time for Bravo and Matilda :B )
and we tell what we want to eat to matilda ,and matilda told it to the steward in cantonese , and tadaaaaaaaaa the food is coming and everybody is surprised with the price you can have a mountain of rijst and mie ! lucky me and chelsea have a soup and it's a normal very normal portion !
and in the night after we got veryyyy fulllll , we went to station back for our Linda , she will be back to her house in Amersfoort , huuu jammer he

After that , hehehehe party time !!!!!! we're searching for a karaoke bar , everyone doesn't know where it is so we go to McD for a free Wi-fi and search it on google , after that we search it on the maps in my ipod and capture it and ask somebody to get the way to the karaoke bar , no one know the street , so we're only hanging on Bravo !!!!!!

and tarararaaaaa achterom 10 !!! Thaise Karaoke Bar !!!! wuhuuu song after song there is a couple , and actually they're buitenlanders too ! the girl is from perth and the boy is from singapore !

het is echt heel leuk , 3 maanden zonder karaoke , now it already payed !!!

We go to Shinta house , and arrived at 12.15 and lekker geslappen , but actually I really slept at 3.00 hahahahaha

Don't forget we've decorate shinta's kerstbom !!!! (not only kerstbom but also......WINDOW !!!)

more photos : Oh Oh Den Haag !!!!!

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