Saturday, June 25

The end semester report

Hello frendah :)
today me and my mom should take my end semester report , very very worried about that because my biology score , but thanks Ya Allah still at the 2nd place (yes it's because Danu was unbeatable) :DD HEHEHE
I think my mom really happy about my report and she suddenly ask me to go to the market for buying some oregano for Lasagna :D Just made a lasagna today for the first time with my own hand , and the result was not bad . I cooked it without any recipes just with feelings and taste that hahaha taste really good but sorry didn't took a pict of it because I was too excited hehe

While eating the lasagna we watched Djarun Indonesia Open , congrats for you guys who make it to the semi finals and Finals for tomorrow . But so sad Bona Septano didn't go to the Finals :'(
IN-DO-NE-SIA *prok prok prok prok* i think i can hear this until next and next and next year , ahh just wish me luck with my next long trip *eh hahahahaha

i think that's all for today because i'll post so many things until the holiday end :D


Monday, June 13


Hey Fellas , Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin , Ya Allah finally the final test is oveeerrrr \(′▽`)/

and the result is out today . Because today ira had a celebration for her birthday at Kedai Kita ( We give her a surprise :) thanks to Aber and the pradas) so we go to school at 2.30 when mrs. Dewi told Ira that the final test result is already out, do you now what am i doing from kedai kita until SMANTI ? Holding Aber or Ika's hand , my hands can't stop shaking and i have no energy for walking u,u
alhamdulillah insyaallah i haven't any tasks or something ,
upsss sorry am forget there's still another task , the art subject . Gonna record our perform tomorrow at my house , with Ira , Bugen , Damar, Acay, Yudo and Opang . Wish us luck ya guys  :)

P.S. : sorry ra for not answering your call, text , and chat today :p

Thursday, June 9

special post goes to ........

june 6th 1994
my unusual bestfriend who can't stop singing and do some silly stuff 
the one who is very crunchy but i don't know why it's (sometimes) sounds silly for a 17th YEARS OLD TEENAGER
always act like what you really are

PRADA's 2nd trip

Hey everybody ,Yo, listen up this is my tragic story just breakin' of my heart eh fay -.-
no no this isn't ukiss' 0330 but this is prada's journey to Kampung sunda :D
prepared on smanti start from 6 but tadaaaaa when ira and me arrived at school, zonk !!!!!!! we found no one there -.-  after waiting for an hour finally ... here we come Kampung sunda 

 look at the view ? nice huh ?

This is where the mess is started , NANDUR or nanem mundur , we can try to plant paddy at the rice field 

 after that .....
NGABALONG , catch the fish as many as we could do , then we can fry or grilled it

after that we hop in a while for praying maghrib and have a lunner (lunch +dinner ) at damar's house


dwi ayu birthday surprise !!!

sucha lovely couple rite ? :')

another unforgettable moments with you guys :)

Sunday, June 5

Hey Guys gonna disappear for a while , because of the test and Netherland language course 
just pray the best for me ya guys :) Thanksss :)