Wednesday, September 8


Inspired by Ebet's post on her blog
Kardiologi (berasal dari bahasa Yunani: καρδιά (kardia) yang berarti jantung) adalah cabang ilmu kedokteran yang khusus mempelajari penyakit jantung dan pembuluh darah. Kardiologi kemudian umumnya dibagi atas kelainan jantung bawaan, penyakit jantung koroner, gagal jantung, penyakit jantung valvular, aritmia dan elektrofisiologi, serta kelainan pembuluh darah atau vaskular (arteri dan vena). Dokter yang mendalami dan bekerja di lingkup penyakit jantung dan pembuluh darah disebut sebagai Kardiologist.

Cardiologist is what i wanna be in the next 10 years. I was inspired when my aunt passed away about 6 years ago , and when my uncle passed away a couple years ago too. Then I know my dad's family have a not good  heart if you can't control your activity, habit and foods. I lost my family because of that, so i want help my family or another people with that condition, congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology.
I want to go to Faculty of Medicine on Universitas Indonesia, then i wanna continue my study in Department of Cardiology ,and when i took a look at world university rank , am intersted with Stanford its on California . And looked at Staford University School of Medicine then the Department "cajaaaaang" there is Cardiothoracic Surgery !!
Cardio and Thorac , Heart and Lung , I cant live without 'em ! 2 things that you can't live with it Heart and Lung. Okay i wanna go there yayy But there is something that makes a doubt when AFS test they ask me, 
"Where will you go after go to FKUI?" 
"Maybe i wanna go to stanford , if i get some scolarship"
"Why dont you continue your study in Indonesia? Its Better i think"
"I said if i get a scolarship, but if i dont get it am really glad if i can continue my study in Indonesia" I said

and i said to myself , bye stanford maybe UI is hard enough :)

Monday, September 6


So today am having a big noodle for my breakfast , :x ups hahaha 
naaah am kidding :p no no i wanna tell you about my friends her name is Hanna she tag me on a pict with a frienship quotes its really touching :') because we have been friend since we're go to the same class on English course . She is really mature and nice girl , last time we met when i want to go to gramedia (near my school) and she wanna go to Giant (which is near my school too) . Our class were really awesome at that time , because we finish on our trailblazer until 7C actually its only 18 level or 6C but because of we finish 1 level in two months so we must continue until level 21 or 7C because our age is still under 15 at that time , after that we ask EF to allow us to join a test for an adult class because we was fed up with trailblazer, Hanna goes to level 14 or something i go to level 10 and the other i dont know LOL.
because we're going on a different level Hanna and I and Ivan too maybe go to another course (yes we're fed up and my dad really wanna puke on'em)

oh ya i remember our project with our teacher that really looked like adam levine , making a movie !!! yeah we're divided into two groups the girls and the boys . The girls were making  a movie about magic school like hogwarts LOL , my face were looked so stupid haha and the boys story is about i dont know they use war words and guns gaaah i dont care :P

UUGGGHHHH i really miss that class, yeah we're like a family :o i just keeping on contact with ghina , hanna and ivan (he is my junior on junior high school) and andrey (he is on acceleration class on my school)
emm is this mean that i have to gather our class and have fun together ? because am really miss them :/

Sunday, September 5

mu gung hwa's food

yesterday i bought some food from giant and i found mu gung hwa's stand on there , they sell korean food and am felt in love with it, first i bought

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it was so delicious its like pop mie, but it taste so kimchi there is no pop mie with kimchi flavoured rite ?
hahahah sorry friends, sorry i eat in the morning because am on my f***in period and its killed me when i eat this oh-so-friggin-delicious-ramen and wish me luck am afraid i cant solat ied because this f***in period huhu :(

Saturday, September 4

see you again♥

it have been such a very long time, i dont have time to write on this oh-so-friggin-cool blog haha

NO AM A ELEVENTH GRADER !!!! sigh finally i grow up
but am separated with my family segitiga , now am on XI SCIENCE 2 or you can call it PRADA
my chairmate is EMIRA DARIN you know her? the girls from segitiga too! yeah that's it ! she is very funny , sometimes noisy , and do something sexy silly but she is such a good friend :D i LOVEEEEE you ra

for this new year i change my hairstyle , i want taemin's new style , like in the lucifer but its faaaar from taemin's (god please help me) and the bang was so awful then my friend vinka (angel real angel with her white skin) help me to change my look , VOILAAA it looks so perfect from me now thanks vin haha :D

oh ya i change my glasses :) because my tommy hilfiger was broken so my mom decided to buy me , new glasses wanna see it ?

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ah-ah now my nose like bigggggerrrr haha

so enough for today


my dream : wake up in the morning with my husband beside me he is a doctor too but we're on our study to get our specialities , i took cardiology and he took anything else oh my it was a nice dream