Thursday, November 26

happy ied everybody

happy ied everyone ! :D

goood morning my friend !!!

hehehe I just wanna say,

so this is time to gathering with family and friends,
some people comeback to their home town,
but for me nooooo my father still in medan and me and my brotha in Bogor, misin you DAD !!

sooo do you enjoy your holiday??
OMG smanti is wtf abitsh masi sekolah dihari minggu dimana orangorang pada liburan ke kampung halamannya bersama keluarga , CRAZZZYYYY

aaah gue mau solat dulu !! dadah :D HAPPY IEDUL ADHA

love ya,

ps: kalian dapat nomor urut berapa hari ini? hahhaha :D

BLG !!!


okeeey first of all i wanna let you know that i'm a BIG BIG BIG fans of Boys Like Girls !!!! They are a cool bands from boston, PAUL, MARTIN, BRYAN, anf JOHN are cool guys !!!! listen to them guys !! and you know whaattt ? @ January 25th there wil be BLG concert, I ask my Father to allowed me to go to the concert, but my father must accompany me ! okey !! it's oke haha

I love this band since i was in junior high school, my brother bought a new bajakan cd from jambu dua and when i open great escape from boys like girls i felt that song was just so addictive ! then hero/heroine, thunder, and the newest one is LOVE DRUNK (i used to be love drunk but now i'm hangover i love you forever forever is over)

they are so addictive ! oky january 24thi'm gonna post MY BLG TICKET CONCERT SOON !!!