Wednesday, July 6

Several Effects

 Hello :) 안녕하세요 :)
After watching some korean drama and korean movie and listening to korean music too this is what happened to me for every holiday , mmm just wanna share you

Several effects after you're watching korean drama all day and night :
1. You know some words such as "nde", "gomawo", "kamsahamnida","yoboseyo?","annyeong", oppa, eonni, noona, sunbae, hoobae, hyung, appa, amma , etc
2. For you who already addicted with korean dramas , you wil be add some more vocabulary ryte ?
3. After finished it , you will hear your mom , friend, or other people around you speaking korea , even they are not !
4. You'll answering their question with "nde","ye"
5.Because of the girls main character are sooo lovely, cute , and luckily to meet a handsome guy to married , you'll acting cute like them :p
6.Maybe the last , you wanna married a korean man , because the korean drama or korean movie must have a great man for a main character or even for the 2nd character .

If you don't think one of them it's rite , let me know , I wonder why you didn't feel of these effects , okey ?
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ오늘을 위해 이젠 그만, 잘자 :)

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