Thursday, June 9

PRADA's 2nd trip

Hey everybody ,Yo, listen up this is my tragic story just breakin' of my heart eh fay -.-
no no this isn't ukiss' 0330 but this is prada's journey to Kampung sunda :D
prepared on smanti start from 6 but tadaaaaa when ira and me arrived at school, zonk !!!!!!! we found no one there -.-  after waiting for an hour finally ... here we come Kampung sunda 

 look at the view ? nice huh ?

This is where the mess is started , NANDUR or nanem mundur , we can try to plant paddy at the rice field 

 after that .....
NGABALONG , catch the fish as many as we could do , then we can fry or grilled it

after that we hop in a while for praying maghrib and have a lunner (lunch +dinner ) at damar's house


dwi ayu birthday surprise !!!

sucha lovely couple rite ? :')

another unforgettable moments with you guys :)

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