Monday, June 13


Hey Fellas , Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin , Ya Allah finally the final test is oveeerrrr \(′▽`)/

and the result is out today . Because today ira had a celebration for her birthday at Kedai Kita ( We give her a surprise :) thanks to Aber and the pradas) so we go to school at 2.30 when mrs. Dewi told Ira that the final test result is already out, do you now what am i doing from kedai kita until SMANTI ? Holding Aber or Ika's hand , my hands can't stop shaking and i have no energy for walking u,u
alhamdulillah insyaallah i haven't any tasks or something ,
upsss sorry am forget there's still another task , the art subject . Gonna record our perform tomorrow at my house , with Ira , Bugen , Damar, Acay, Yudo and Opang . Wish us luck ya guys  :)

P.S. : sorry ra for not answering your call, text , and chat today :p

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