Saturday, June 25

The end semester report

Hello frendah :)
today me and my mom should take my end semester report , very very worried about that because my biology score , but thanks Ya Allah still at the 2nd place (yes it's because Danu was unbeatable) :DD HEHEHE
I think my mom really happy about my report and she suddenly ask me to go to the market for buying some oregano for Lasagna :D Just made a lasagna today for the first time with my own hand , and the result was not bad . I cooked it without any recipes just with feelings and taste that hahaha taste really good but sorry didn't took a pict of it because I was too excited hehe

While eating the lasagna we watched Djarun Indonesia Open , congrats for you guys who make it to the semi finals and Finals for tomorrow . But so sad Bona Septano didn't go to the Finals :'(
IN-DO-NE-SIA *prok prok prok prok* i think i can hear this until next and next and next year , ahh just wish me luck with my next long trip *eh hahahahaha

i think that's all for today because i'll post so many things until the holiday end :D


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