Wednesday, January 19

Because in the next hour am gonna have my 16th year live in the world I wanna say thanks to :

Allah , thanks for all that you’ve give , from a breath to breath , my eyes, my ears, my hands, my legs, my mouth my teeth, my esophagus, my cheeks, and the others . Thanks for protecting my family my big family and my little family

Ayah , ibu , mas thanks for a beautiful 15 years :)
Ira Diena Nay (my best friends hope we have a long last friendship , amieeen)

SEGITIGA , all of my friends ,and PRADA , you guys are FRIGGIN KEWL !!!! our laughter makes my high school’s life cooooolllleeeerrrrrr love youuuu :** <3

CHO KYUHYUN,  OK TAECYEON , CHOI MINHO i hope you guys can say happy birthday to me :D
1 year running so fast , 1 year mean a lot to me

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