Monday, September 6


So today am having a big noodle for my breakfast , :x ups hahaha 
naaah am kidding :p no no i wanna tell you about my friends her name is Hanna she tag me on a pict with a frienship quotes its really touching :') because we have been friend since we're go to the same class on English course . She is really mature and nice girl , last time we met when i want to go to gramedia (near my school) and she wanna go to Giant (which is near my school too) . Our class were really awesome at that time , because we finish on our trailblazer until 7C actually its only 18 level or 6C but because of we finish 1 level in two months so we must continue until level 21 or 7C because our age is still under 15 at that time , after that we ask EF to allow us to join a test for an adult class because we was fed up with trailblazer, Hanna goes to level 14 or something i go to level 10 and the other i dont know LOL.
because we're going on a different level Hanna and I and Ivan too maybe go to another course (yes we're fed up and my dad really wanna puke on'em)

oh ya i remember our project with our teacher that really looked like adam levine , making a movie !!! yeah we're divided into two groups the girls and the boys . The girls were making  a movie about magic school like hogwarts LOL , my face were looked so stupid haha and the boys story is about i dont know they use war words and guns gaaah i dont care :P

UUGGGHHHH i really miss that class, yeah we're like a family :o i just keeping on contact with ghina , hanna and ivan (he is my junior on junior high school) and andrey (he is on acceleration class on my school)
emm is this mean that i have to gather our class and have fun together ? because am really miss them :/

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