Wednesday, May 12

drama session

I LOVE @SEGITIGA !!!!!!!!!!

we just finished our drama session,
@segitiga were divided into 5 groups , am on group 3 with Diena, Nay, Gopar, Pibra, Radya, Rafi :)

my group's drama is about a Poker Kingdom is in trouble because
Queen Poker's (Nay) mastercards is stolen and the last person who entered queen's room was Alice
(ME!) . So
Lady Joker (Gopar) and Alice asking Percy Jackson (Radya) for finding te one who stole it, on the way they met Ghost Girls (Diena) and Angkot Driver (Rafi). Then actually the thief is King of Ghost or Hades (Pibra), Hades is percy jackson's uncle.

Here it is @segitiga's photo

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bye see you on the next post. oh ya am on holiday for about 4 days and i dont know what to do -.-

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