Wednesday, April 14

Parijs van Java

7-8 april unforgottable days , why ? i went to bandung with segitiga and other schoolmates. I cant sleep at the nite and wake up at 4 and i watched my cousin first, now he is a newscaster on transtv watch him at wednesday morning start at 4.30am :D
so arrive at school at 5.15 just to find where is my bus :P

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and yeah adi and pibra already in the bus :)) at about 6.30 mr. irfan our driver start the bus' engine , and mas irfan start talking about our schedule there. and hell yeah here we go BANDUUUNG

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the boys going crazy with those glasses :p

on the way to go to bandung, we sang along , and dance, laughing just spit out our happyness :B

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take a pict with bu andri and bu endah :))

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from left to the right : ira nay diena sheila libna nina

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from left to the right : ira , nay , me , sheila, libna,and visya :)

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from left to the right : diena ira and me :)

so after we visited ITB we went to KAA,

all of segitiga's member wore a wring costum the other still wore batik and we wore our clothes -.- SALTUM YA!!!

NEXT kartikasari and cihampelas for shopping ,but i think cihampelas isn't good for shopping gedebage or riau or maybe trunojoyo is better !!!!! gaah i only bought dloops dress and GAP sackdress (my best buy its only 25k). cihampelas isn't fow me :p
then I SREAMED AM TIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we still have to visit grafika restaurant for dinner and yel yel for every class wanna hear segitiga's ??

so here we go

HEY senangnya dalam hati kita pergi kebandung
bersama ibu andri dan ibu endah
kepada bapak irfan kami sayang padamu
kepada mas irfan we say we love you
kami pergi kebandung bersama segitiga
walau tanpa ibu tri wali kelas kamiiiiii
WOY ayo lihat semua segitiga datang
seluruh penjuru kotaa kagumi kekompakannya
ayo segitigaa mari teriakan
berjuanglah segitiga idolaa semua

the anouncement for the winner of yel yel is on 8 april but we expect that we wont bea winner because all o us forget "mari teriakan" part so..........

okay arrived at 'home' time to playing poker and sleep

april 8th

wake up at 4 took a shower have a breakfast annnnddd happy breakfast :DDDD
we went to BIB to learn about artifical insemination we learn how to get cow'ssperm for havin a 'super' cow (that's my language sorry for ad language)

after that we went to eat tahu susu at lembang:) i love when i eat tahu susu i can suck the inside of the tahu :3

after tahu susu than ciater -.- GAAAAAH i cant do anything i only have 25k left soo i cant do anything except put my feet on the hot pound 0.o

after ciater we came home , eat pop mie on the bus and I LOST MY WALLET T.T MY CUTE WALLET -.-
gah oky thats enough i'll add some photos later i gotta study for moeslim subject :p KBYE

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