Thursday, November 26

BLG !!!


okeeey first of all i wanna let you know that i'm a BIG BIG BIG fans of Boys Like Girls !!!! They are a cool bands from boston, PAUL, MARTIN, BRYAN, anf JOHN are cool guys !!!! listen to them guys !! and you know whaattt ? @ January 25th there wil be BLG concert, I ask my Father to allowed me to go to the concert, but my father must accompany me ! okey !! it's oke haha

I love this band since i was in junior high school, my brother bought a new bajakan cd from jambu dua and when i open great escape from boys like girls i felt that song was just so addictive ! then hero/heroine, thunder, and the newest one is LOVE DRUNK (i used to be love drunk but now i'm hangover i love you forever forever is over)

they are so addictive ! oky january 24thi'm gonna post MY BLG TICKET CONCERT SOON !!!

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